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The Catholic Church, one of the three main genres of Christianity

Apr 04, 2018

Catholic Church is the Catholic Church of Zhi Sheng, Zhi Gong and the descended from the apostles. The kappa alpha theta from the Greek iota kappa / lambda, translation complete or universal. In the early church period, is pointing to the Church of God, no boundaries, language, race and background. As long as they belong to the Christian Church, they are all grand duke or universal church. It is the most long-standing, most deeply rooted culture and most faithful faction in Christianity. And Protestantism and Eastern Orthodox Church are also called the three schools of Christianity.

The Catholic faith in God and Jesus Christ, and respect Maria as the mother of the Holy Mother, mainly includes the "Twelve terminal channel" in the faith of the apostles. The main basic tenets are that the father of heaven is transformed into heaven and earth to create human beings; the son of God is born into a human, redemption, and is suffering, resurrection, ascension, and in the world The end of the world came again; the Holy Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) sanctified mankind; the church was created for Christ and the right to forgive sins; the body of man will be resurrected at the end of the world and accept the trial of Christ, the good will enjoy the eternal blessing, the evil man will suffer from the eternal bitterness.

Adam and Eve were put in the garden of Eden after being created, and the snakes were tempted against the orders of God to eat the forbidden fruit, and this sin became the original sin of the whole of mankind. It is believed that this crime has been transmitted to all descendants of Adam, the root cause of all human evil and disaster; even the newborn baby, even the dead baby, has not committed any crime, but because of its inherent original sin, it is still a sinners and needs redemption.

It is also called the crime of polyester. Those who commit certain crimes but do not have to go to hell are temporarily suffering after death, so as to purify the land of sin. Catholicism believes that after the death of a man, a completely pure and untarnished soul can enter into heaven to enjoy the eternal blessing; the soul of a great sin is put into hell for eternal punishment; a small sin or sin has been pardoned, and the soul that has not yet been redeemed, can neither immediately rise to Heaven nor to hell, but is temporarily suffering in purgatory, and is sinful to be guilty. If you make a redemption, you can get into heaven.