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The baptism of Christianity

Apr 19, 2018

Baptism is a Christian ritual. The Israelites had an early traditional etiquette of cleaning with water. Later, Judaism stipulated that the heathen converts had to recite "dolla" ("the law of Mose"), the circumcision and the bathing (that is, baptism, to show the cleanliness in the pagan environment). The baptism of John's preaching of "baptism of repentance and forgiveness of sins" requires all people, including voters, to repent and prepare for the arrival of the Messiah. From the beginning, Christianity took baptism as the solemn sacrament, which was regarded as the great mission of the resurrection of Jesus. "You have to make all the people baptize them as my disciples, the names of the fathers, the sons, and the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19) from then on, baptism is not only a formal ceremony, but also a expression of repentance and confidence. It is a decisive step to dedicate himself to Jesus, and to be a proof of the "forgiveness of sin" to accept the Holy Spirit. Therefore, "Weiss Minster" points out: "baptism is the holy rites of the New Testament, which is set up by Jesus Christ, not only to admit the baptism to the tangible church seriously, but also to be a sign and proof to him to show the covenant of grace, the union of Christ, the rebirth of the sin, and the Jesus Christ. A new dedication to God; Christ himself appointed the sacraments should be held in the church, until the end of the world."