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Six of the seven holy sacraments of Christianity Spear of Longinus

Mar 21, 2018

The Spear of Longinus, the Spear that once pierced Jesus Christ.

According to the bible, when Jesus was nailed to the cross, a centurion wounded his flank with a spear.

The centurion was called longinus.

When the blood of Jesus dropped into the eyes of longinus, he was momentarily converted, then gave up his identity, became a monk, and possessed the power to perform miracles.

Later he was called a saint, known as the saint longinus.

The lance of longinus is the only weapon that has harmed god.

So it is also called "the gun of destiny" or "the holy gun".

It is said that the lance of longinus can give the holder victory.

The man who owns the holy gun and the holy grail is god's chosen one who can rule the world.

The Vatican has declared the holy gun in st. Peter's basilica.

In one of the sacrificial halls of st Peter's, there were four identical boxes, one of which was the holy gun.

The lance is one of the three sacred objects associated with the death of Jesus (not only three of the sacred objects associated with the death of Jesus, but these three are particularly precious.

The other two are the holy grail and the shroud.

The elders of the jews and the priests went to Pilate, the Roman governor, and they said, "our feast of unleavened bread is the feast of the Passover, the first day of the Passover, and the Sabbath after it.

We do not want to be hanged on the cross on the Sabbath. Please order the body to be buried. If the prisoner is alive, please interrupt his legs."

Pilate ordered that the soldiers break the legs of the other two prisoners, and unearth the men.

When a soldier saw that Jesus was dead, he did not hit him on the leg, but he was afraid that Jesus would not die completely, and he stabbed several times in his ribs.

Have such a record in the bible, Jesus in the day of his death by crucifixion Friday the 13th, the jews asked zhang his body away from the cross, for they said, should not be executed prisoners on Saturday on the Sabbath.

Because Jesus to remove, so at that time, a Roman centurion, named lang keanu, he in order to determine whether Jesus really dead, with a long spear into the his body, the blood from the wound, dye red the whole gun, but the gun didn't break his ribs, which is consistent with the predicted in the old testament.

The gun was a holy gun because it was stained with the blood of Jesus. It could wipe out all the evil things in the world, and some people called it the gun of fate.

Because the soldier's name was "langenus", the gun was called the "lance of lankusus".

Here and there is no way to know lang base slaves in Rome the army for several years, the official records of the Roman army service period is 12 years, as long as can live to be retired, later life will enjoy all kinds of government subsidies, recorded frankie slave almost almost completely blind, obviously this will affect his future military career, when he punctured Jesus, Jesus' blood covered his eyes, the eyes are no longer blind blind, he shouted this man was the son of god (the first section and the Gospel of mark).

Legend as long as there is the hand gun, the one hundred and twenty - foot range they do surrendered, holding the gun more can dominate the fate of the world, but lost people will instantly killed, in the ancient Roman empire, this gun has become the symbol of power, a number of record its monarch, holding the gun won the innumerable battles.

The English name of the gun is Spear of Longinus.

Real life there are three, three iron fragment in each generation through Wang Chongxin, so there are so many lang keanu of gun, the hofburg museum in Vienna, the augustine church in Rome, in a big glass BaiLi monastery.

In this holy gun collection museum in Vienna in 1909, the German fascist Nazi party, the young Hitler, with a man named Hal tann, Ph.D., together with the visiting the museum, Vienna in Vienna in 1912, Hitler have seen this gun, at first sight then I never forgot him, Hal Dr Tann with Hitler's Nazi party with friends, two people standing in front of the lang keanu of sacred spear, Hitler suddenly become spirit trance, as if the right possessed by the rifle.

Hitler was said to him, after I looked at the SAN gun dozens of minutes, I feel the sacred spear, there seems to be a stock with an unknown magic, Hitler used technique to get the gun, the fragment of one of the three.

Come back after Germany, Hitler to st gun deeply fascinated, has been constantly seeking on the history of the sacred spear, he from the third century AD to the tenth century the history of the book, find the Catholic Roman emperor Constantine the great, the Ottoman emperor, believe the magic of the gun control all over the world.

Hitler won the Nazi regime, a lot of aggression (Poland, France, Rome, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, etc.), and even will be driven to jews, fortunately saved by general patton American jews.

The longji slave of gun guns of the mandate of heaven, was targeted by the German Nazi Hitler again, because of his divine qualities, is regarded as the key to the road to rule the world, Hitler privately that rushed the gun to a black shirt, overnight to nuremberg, capital of the regime's spirit kept in st Catherine church for more than six years, in order to from Anglo-American bombing and moved to the cellar.

On October 13, 1938, Hitler ordered the German step one of the most elite team, using armored train carrying guns of the fate, to the Kaiser's cathedral, on April 30, 1945, 2 PM 10 points, occupied by the holy church, win to this sacred spear, less than 2 hours, Hitler was the gun suicide death, died at 3 a.m., (the fact is that the U.S. after Hitler's death during the two months to find the fate of the gun) the second world war, British and American Sue with victories in the European Union.

Hitler in Germany Berlin in April 1945 under the fort gun suicide, he shed the captain is responsible for burning off his body, Hitler to his butler issued instructions, to get some gasoline, put it in my set fire to Eva body with lover, definitely fall into the body. Do not make me to the people of the Soviet union, otherwise they will put my body was on public display in Moscow.

In this age of war and the gun, constantly played his appeal, on April 30, 1945, forces invaded, all allied generals in addition to general patton, have a lot of interest for this gun, barton only know his past and scary place, finally let 5 star general Eisenhower in the United States, returning it to the museum, Vienna was elected the 34th President of the United States, Eisenhower at the end of world war ii general patton was killed in a car accident.