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Seven of the seven sacred objects of Christianity the holy nail

Mar 23, 2018

The crucifixion is the three or four nail in history to nail Jesus on the cross.

The legend has been found. There are three in total and four in dispute. The following figure is one of them. The following figure is an iron crown, this is the legend with one nail melted into juice and other iron, the European region is the authority of a king, he is proving it as the emperor as the destiny appointed (not this crown, even when the emperor, also cannot meet the strict the definition, therefore, this is Yu Dabao h. black crown), such as Napoleon once wore it to the throne ceremony. Another one, in order to calm the tsunami, was thrown into the rough sea, and the sea was immediately calm.

The problem is, history, there are 30 nails are respectively for some people that cross the holy nails, so is not very reliable, there are four tooth as Buddhist legend, but only, not only four.

History has always been regarded as a gypsy thief. The nation, indeed, admits that they are used to stealing, and that it is not a disgrace. They think that there are four nail, a gypsy to steal them and hope to crucify Jesus, but only managed to steal one, therefore, the cross of Jesus strange feet is a nail through (three teeth, said the idea) and therefore merit God. The children can allow them not to steal from.