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Secularism and theocracy

Jul 24, 2015

Religion is not only ideological beliefs of a particular form, but it is also a universal human cultural phenomenon, inclusive rich cultural connotations. Now with the world's three major religions example as follows:

Buddhism, Taoism with Chinese traditional culture very close relationship. Buddhism in the Eastern Han Dynasty came to China as a foreign culture after gradually in contact with each other original Chinese Taoism and Confucianism culture, communication, collision, tolerance, absorption, integration, sociology philosophy, literature, art, ethics in, and even medicine, chemistry, astronomy, life sciences and other natural sciences, have had a major impact, creating an extremely rich cultural heritage has become an important part of Chinese traditional culture, has a very important position and social history in Traditional Chinese Culture value. I can say that if the Chinese left the Buddhism and Taoism, there is no full traditional Chinese culture, so that left the Buddhism and Taoism, the language of our daily lives will be greatly restricted. Meanwhile the body of cultural Buddhism or Tibetan, Mongolian, Dai and more than twenty fraternal nation, if left to Buddhism, there is no such history and culture of many other ethnic groups of the nation.