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Dec 04, 2015

religious icons store That stance may not have been that surprising for a company owned by the Catholic Church, but it stands out more in the light of the fact that the company was also caught in controversy in late 2011 for selling soft core pornography titles, after which the Church looked into selling Weltbild. But the sale did not happen and according to Christofle, pornographic books are still being sold by Weltbild.

“That’s where we’re all crying hypocrisy because [Weltbild is] saying [it is] dropping our books, which are not erotica, which are not porn —these are G-rated love stories— and citing traditional family values,” said Christofle, adding that Weltbild’s publishing operation even publishes erotic books.

Christofle says Icon Empire won’t know what the financial impact of this decision will be until returns start to arrive. He gave the story to German media, and it stirred up quite a storm receiving wide coverage, including in the magazine Spiegel. That was followed by a heartening response from the public, mostly German, including 523 e-mails sent to Icon Empire and a protest Facebook group that has 900 members, says Christofle, noting that about half of the e-mails they received were from people who are straight and were saying they objected to Weltbild's action."That’s really touching that it is sort of a Germany-wide upset, not just the LGBT community," he said.