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religious icons for sale

Dec 05, 2015

We sell the largest selection of the most sacred and miracle Orthodox Icons. These religious icons are original copies of the most well known orthodox icons around the world,  made with prayer, hand mounted and meticulously crafted by the nuns of the Paracletos Greek Orthodox Monastery. The icons of our Lord Jesus Christ, the icons of Most Holy Theotokos- the Mother of God, the Festal icons, the icons of Male Holy Saints and icons of Female Holy Saints - all are wonderful works from the Byzantine era of the Greek Orthodox Church.
You will also find  Orthodox Neck Crosses, Hand Censers, Monastery Incense, Orthodox Prayer Ropes, Vigil Oil Lamps (Kanili) - both hanging and standing, and other devotional items like Holy Water bottles, medallions, and more...
We are confident that you will find a beautiful icon and so many other religious items to support your Orthodox Christian prayer life.