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religious home decor items

Jan 03, 2016

religious icon
Often in these homes, you would see each room having a crucifix over the door. One of the nicest religious home décor items is a St. Benedicts cross. There is so many symbolic items in this one style of crucifix and it is long believe that having one of these over your doorway does help keep the evil on the outside.
Roman tomb underground cave art first Christian art, these murals are basically not what we are talking about icons (Christ, saints or biblical portrait of the history of the event), but a special symbol, they are used to express about the content of some idea of Christ and the Church, and the Old and New Testaments "Bible" Scripture and prayer book coincides godfather. Some of these symbols or themes from the "Bible" as the boat, fish, sheep, mouth rank olive branch dove, vines and other: some from polytheism, such as Orpheus. Of course, not painting Orpheus himself, it is important that he had to go to hell, to symbolize Christ come down to earth to save the human ancestor。. But these symbolic expression of the "Bible" in the image of the icon contains the seeds。

Later, Christian culture gradually absorbed, mastered the Greek culture of language used for Christian services. 3rd century AD, the underground Catacombs increase in number, and with inscriptions, frescoes inside. Gospel parable theme relief has been widely disseminated. Underground Catacombs of strokes is the oldest Christian art