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Religious architecture Cologne Cathedral

Jul 24, 2015

Cologne Cathedral is the largest church in northern Europe, it Reims Cathedral and Amiens Cathedral as a template, is Germany's first full accordance with the French Gothic style church built peak. Cologne cathedral with light, elegant known to the world and become a symbol of the city of Cologne, one of the world's highest church. It was the German construction of a magnificent monument. Germany became the religious, ethnic and artistic symbol of unity. Cologne Cathedral is the most perfect Gothic cathedral. It was built in about 1248, 157.38 meters high, 145 meters long from east to north-south width of 86 meters, the building area of about 6,000 square meters. The entire building all brick made of polished stone. Before and after the construction of the Cologne Cathedral lasted for 632 years, is one of the longest building in Europe in the history of the building construction time, it has the simple style of the early Christian era