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People are blessed people of faith who are punished.

Dec 26, 2017

"The Bible" theme: emphasizing the God and human relations: people have made other people of faith are blessed, punishment.

The Bible is a very distinct work of religious theme, with the cultural character of the Jewish nation. Through some typical biographical description, emphasizing the relationship between the covenant God and the people, people have proposed covenant blessings, faith is influenced by the concept of punishment. This theme has laid a whole aesthetic orientation and cognitive orientation for the interpretation of the Bible, reflecting the author's grasp of the typicality and artistry of selection. This theme, the specific shape of biblical characters, called imagination, exaggeration, psychological description and other artistic techniques, has considered the selected event organization biography plot, to the event causal explanation is also included in the same theme range, due to the moral and ethical level character of neglect, more emphasis on the character is loyal to the lord.

For example, David's biography, he occupied Bathsheba, killing Uriah was seriously contrary to human relations, but because he has always been faithful to the covenant of Ye Hehua, the author of the "Old Testament" image did not make too much criticism, but from the positive affirmation of his repentance, Ye Hehua in his life when he blessed. "There are a number of characters in the Old Testament", and alien war, or with the apostate struggle of the brutal killing enemies, hundreds of thousands, such as the sons of Jacob kill Shechem residents as sister revenge; Mose and the Levites to maintain the authority of the Lord to kill the calf worship in Israel, and so on. This is undoubtedly inhumane according to contemporary moral standards, but the Bible is positive about it, praising their loyalty to dignity and religion. For this reason, readers should take the theme of Biblical writing into consideration, standing at the standpoint of Jewish history and cultural values, so as to understand the existence of author's voice.

The Bible is always regarded as a record of God's words. The characters are covered by the aura of God, and fate is dominated by God, and man becomes the servant of God. But from the perspective of the Bible biography, "the Bible" and not as scientists said is God's monologue. The relationship between God and man is dialectical, two-way, on the other side to God, believing God, resistance to the fate of people, people take the initiative to close, independent people desire, people struggle and self contradiction are the most incisive reflection.

David is a "Old Testament" in the shape of the most full, most successful, about his biography in "Samuel", "Chronicles" and other books, with thousands of words to create a novel most incisive complex and vivid literary image, give people a sense of reality and aesthetic feeling. Carefully taste, profound aftertaste. He who has good qualities of a politician, the king and the complex character, heroic, good governance, has led to the tragedy of children; he neglects discipline, kindness, when several times pass to kill Saul, but cunning, dying to get rid of Solomon disrespect to the account of him Shimei et al; his devotion to God, to conduct the letter, time for the Lord will prevail, but because of his personal desires and the occupation of Bathsheba, and the brutal murder of Uriah, committing a felony. At the same time, he is also a kind of emotional father, although Absalom had heard of his death, rebellious, genuine reproduction of an image of father son love. From the perspective of "the Bible" read the biography, to the point of view of the characters is complete and is more close to life writing, can see the shadow of the human nature in God's abundant and vibrant. Man is no longer the puppet of the left and right, and every choice, both wrong and right, is brave to bear and unremittingly to survive and be in the wilderness and ruins. The Jewish people, who are at the intersection point of the relationship between man and God, bear the greatest gift of God and bear the deepest suffering. They are the concentration of the whole human destiny. The biblical character's life experience is a writing style that reflects the whole national history and the human history by a few typical examples.

The biography of Biblical writing not only writes about the development history of Jewish people and the history of Christian thought, but also goes deep into the depths of human soul, writing out a history of human soul's evolution and exploring the human mind. The Bible therefore increases the emotional power and the aesthetic meaning of the humanities.