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Orthodox Church Rosary

Mar 29, 2018

It is convenient to recite the holy name in the daily life of the individual and on the journey. The purpose is to let the mind focus on the Scriptures.

After the Eastern Orthodox way of reciting is to hold a pearl, every pearl is read "Jesus's prayer." According to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, the ultimate goal of life is to combine with God. To effectively integrate human beings with God is to let Jesus live in our hearts, and we also live in the heart of Jesus, which is chanting "Jesus prayer". This side of the Jesus prayer < > is a short one sentence, mainly based on mentioned in the Bible from the blind person to pray. "Jesus's Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, ask you to have mercy on me. However, in order for the soul to concentrate on scriptures, this sentence is often simplified as "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me". By chanting holy names, we can establish a harmonious relationship with the God Jesus.