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One of The Christian holy Gold Ark

Mar 10, 2018

One of The Christian holy Gold Ark

The "Golden Ark" filled with the worship of the LORD God of Israel's word. This was what Mose got on the top of Sinai on the top of the mountain. God also granted Mose a set of codes and rules, to keep everything Israel must abide by it. Mose and the "Sinai Codex", let two skilled craftsmen with a special gold gold cabinet, this is the "golden ark".

In the tabernacle of the sanctuary in the store with a box, a stone box on a ten. The box is also called the ark. In the lead Israel out of Egypt, God established a formal way of praying, he instructed Mose to make a wooden box, the box inlaid with gold, Mose put a stone in it, stone carved God gave his commandments. The ark also put Aaron in the rod, a jar of mana, this is God for his people in the wilderness forty years to prepare food. These are the marks of the covenant between God and the people of Israel. There are two golden cherubims on the top of the French cabinet. The law cabinet is kept in the tent, or in the tent of the sanctuary, and only the high priest is able to approach once a year as a priest. God said to Mose, "I will meet you there, and I will tell you from all the two cherubim of the ark of the testimony, all the things I want to tell you to pass to the Israelites" (Exodus 25:22). When the Israelites settled in the promised land, the ark had temporary residence and played an important role in many historical events in Israel. Until finally, it was placed in the temple built by Solomon (see Samuel). The Bible is the last mention of the ark in Joshua temple renovation. "You put the ark of the covenant in the house built by Solomon, the son of Wang Dawei in Israel" (35:3). The prophet Jeremiah promised the future blessings of the remaining believers in Israel, when the law of Mose was over, and the covenant was no longer meaningful. "... You have many in the land; in those days will not come to the ark of the Lord, do not look, do not remember, do not miss, no manufacturing. At that time, men will call Jerusalem the throne of Ye Hehua, and all the nations will come to Jerusalem and gather in the place where Ye Hehua is named. They will no longer after the stubbornness of his evil heart "(Jeremiah 3:16-17). The author of Hebrews tells us that Christ had to replace Mose, Jesus Christ in the most holy place in heaven: "but Christ came as high priest of the good things in the future, through the greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, do not belong to this world and do not have; the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood, only once into the holy place, the eternal redemption" (Hebrews 9:11-12).

In the apocalypse, we can read the future. Christ can rule the whole world in peace and righteousness: "the seventh angel sounded, and there was a big voice in the sky saying," the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ, and he will be king forever and ever. " At that time the temple of heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant came forth in his house... (Apocalypse 11:15-19). All human beings can be attributed to God by Jesus Christ.

In the early Israeli records, the ark of the gold covenant was used to fill the stone that God gave Mose to Mose. As a result, the steles and the closet used to fill them became a witness between God and Israel. In the twenty-fifth chapter and the twenty-second quarter of Exodus, God said to Mose, "I will let you know that I am there, and I will talk to you among the two angels on the top of the cupboard, on the top of the witness cupboard." For this reason, the ark of the gold covenant is sometimes regarded as the footstool of God. It was said that the ark of the gold covenant led the Israelites into the Canaan area. Later, the cabinet was brought to Jerusalem by King David and was placed in the "supreme hall" of the new temple by King Solomon.

Solomon's temple of Judaism was built on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and a stone wall was built around it. It is said that the most precious sacred objects of Judaism, the ark of the sacred gold, and the Sinai code, are placed in the temple of the temple. In addition to the supreme elders of Judaism (the chief priests) have the right to enter the Holy Church once a year and visit the holy objects, no one else can enter the Holy Church.

Solomon is extremely rich. It is said that Solomon annually from each vassal state is equivalent to 666 tallarn Gold Collection (1 Taran is equivalent to 150 kg) tribute. Solomon kept the treasures of gold and silver he had searched in the temple, which was the "Solomon treasure" of the generations. After the death of Solomon, the Jewish kingdom was divided into two countries. The south of Jerusalem is still ruled by the descendants of Solomon, called the Jewish state. The north is a dynasty, called israel. Because Israel did not have religious centers, the priests went to sacrifice the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, and the pilgrims still came here, because the only holy thing the ark of the covenant is still here.

In 590 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar II New Babylon second soldiers trapped in Judea, Jerusalem 3 years later, and finally in 586 BC in Babylon forces captured the palace, and the temple burned, a large number of Jews were escorted to Babylon, this is mentioned in front of the Babylon prison". From then on, the price of the priceless treasure "the ark of the Lord" and "Solomon golden treasure" are unknown.