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On the sacrament of Christianity

Apr 20, 2018

The sacrament was established by the Lord and entrusted to the church, because it was the joint action of Christ and the church, thus the sign and method of faith and strong faith, to salute the Lord, to sanctify human beings, and to guide, strengthen and manifest the communion of the church; therefore, the saints, He Xin, should be the greatest respect and due Be careful with the sacrament.

7 sacraments remain in the Catholic church today. Holy Baptism, Jian Zhen, confession, holy body, patient oil, holy rank, and marriage. In these 7, Holy Baptism and confession are sacraments of sinners, and the rest are sacraments of good men.

The holy wash, the strong and the Holy Sacrament, imprint the gods, so they can not be accepted again.

1 Holy Baptism baptism is the door to other sacraments, whether it is washed or at least willing to wash, is necessary for rescue. By baptism, people receive the forgiveness of sins, reborn into the children of God, and join the church because of the immortal seal of God. Baptism can be performed effectively only through real water washing and in conjunction with the specified scriptures.

The 2 strong vibration - the holy event endows God with God, thus the man who has been baptized continues to walk the way that the Christian believers have begun, rich in the grace of the holy God, and more closely connected with the church; the strong man who is strong demands them to be the witness of the Christ, to proclaim and to defend the guardian.

The 3 holy body, the most holy body, is the most noble sacrament, for in it there is the Lord Christ, who is dedicated and food, and the church is constantly living and growing. The sacrifice of Thanksgiving is to commemorate the death and resurrection of the Lord. The sacrifice of the cross is eternal and eternal. It is the peak and spring of the whole Christian worship and life. Thanks to the Thanksgiving, it shows and realizes the unity of the Lord and the people of the God, so that the establishment of the Christ body can be completed. Other sacraments and the work of all the apostles of the church are linked to the most holy body and return to them.

4 confession (confession) - in the confession of confession, the believers confess to the legitimate clergy, and repent and change their sins. After the same sage is pardoned, the pardon, after the baptism of God, is also amnesty with the church that has been harmed by the crime.

5 patients - Fu oil - Fu oil is an oil Fu Fu patient, and recites the Scriptures prescribed in the book of etiquette; the church is to pay the heavily ill to the suffering and honourable Christ, and to ask him to give comfort and salvation.

6 Saint rank - among the Christians, some of the Christians have been marked by the holy rank of God for the imprint of the imprint of God, which is appointed as a holy man, that is to be consecrated and appointed, according to the rank of each person, to teach, sanctify and manage the duties of the leader of Christ, and to feed the people of the Lord.

7 the marriage contract --1 - marriage contract is the combination of both men and women to establish a lifelong partner. This contract points to the well-being of the husband and wife in nature, and the birth and rearing of the children, and the marriage between the two baptism is promoted to the sacrament of the Lord. The 2 item - for this reason, the effective marriage contract of the two baptism is bound to be a sacrament at the same time.