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Notre Dame

Jul 24, 2015

Notre Dame located at the heart of the city development of Paris was surrounded Ile de la Cite, and use this as a focal point to carry out concentric circles, plus, Notre Dame combines classical and modern architecture in Paris, but gradually become France religion, arts and tourism centers. Thus, the French put Notre Dame entry position as the origin, then the coordinates of other cities in France as it occurred. So, when people are standing in front of Notre Dame, that is at the center of France, one can imagine, Notre Dame's status in the eyes of the French people how important it is.

Notre Dame is a typical Gothic church. It has a pair of bell tower front, the upper part of the main entrance with a huge rose window. At the top of the atrium has a minaret of up to 100 meters. All columns are tall and slender, pointed arch upper develop together. Atrium narrow and high and long. Looking at the church from the outside, that the body plus tall clock tower and the top of the towering minarets, people feel a kind of rising to the majesty of the sky