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Main Christian festivals

Apr 09, 2018

1, Christmas: Christmas is the most important Christian festival. In order to celebrate the birth of Jesus, December 25th is scheduled for December 25th for Christmas day 24, usually called Christmas Eve. In general, the church will hold the night worship of Jesus's birth (born on the evening of the Bible by Jesus). In the ritual, the rituals are dedicated to singing "the virgin ode" or "Messiah". Like the international chapel, the Bahn hall and Jing Ling hall, it is famous for the Christian world with a high level of Christmas and night music worship. And, such as the Qingxin hall, the East China Seminary, every Christmas has a pilgrimage to reappear the scene of the birth of Jesus.

2, Easter: the festival to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. According to the biblical New Testament, the third day resurrection after the crucifixion was crucified, and the first Sunday after the first round of the annual vernal equinox, according to the nisia conference in 325, usually between March 22nd and April 25th. The Christian majority. This festival commemorates the festival. The specific content of the celebrations varies from place to place. The most popular are Easter eggs to symbolize resurrection and life. In the days of Christmas, the churches of Shanghai hold abundant worship activities, and the number of participants is very much and the atmosphere is warm.

3, Friday: Friday is a festival to commemorate Jesus's crucifixion. According to the Bible New Testament: Jesus was crucified on the three day before Easter. The day was on the day before the Jewish Sabbath, so the two day before Easter was the Friday. Most Christian denominations commemorated the festival.

4, Pentecost: Pentecost, also called the day of five. According to the Bible New Testament, the Holy Spirit came fiftieth days after the resurrection of Jesus, the disciples received the Holy Spirit and began to spread the gospel all over the world. The church provided for the fiftieth days of Easter every year for the Holy Spirit. Most Protestant denominations did not defend this.

5, Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving Day for the American Christian custom festival, originated in 1621, first for the relocated American Puritan celebrating the harvest, after the United States President Washington, Lincoln and so on as the national festival. The specific date has been changed, 1941 is set to be held on the fourth Thursday in November, the church held Thanksgiving worship on this day, Families also have parties, usually eating turkey. Some Christian churches in China celebrate this festival and celebrate Thanksgiving.

6, Valentine's Day: St. Valentine's day. In February 14th each year, this is a couple's holiday, romantic. Full of friendship and joy. Young lovers travel to the suburbs or go to a dance. Some clubs also hold very interesting dances for young friends. Lovers give a commemorative gift to each other. Beautiful greeting cards are printed with symbols of love. Most of the gifts are heart-shaped sugar boxes, perfume or ornaments. Some are a rose or tulip bouquet with red ribbon. Some old couples also give flowers to each other on this day to express their lasting love.