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Let's get to know San Nicholas

Jan 04, 2018

Saint Nicholas is generally regarded as a derivative image of Christianity.

He lived in fourth Century when he was in Turkey. Before that, people thought that the remains of St. Nicholas were secretly buried by the Italy sailors in the Barry area of southern Italy in Eleventh Century.

He was a local bishop in his life and was a philanthropist who was loved by people for their generosity. San Nicholas likes to give gifts to the local poor people anonymously. After he died in 346, he was honored as a saint by the local people. His deeds were gradually translated into Santa Claus legend.

San Nicholas was born in a wealthy family, and when he was very young, his parents died. San Nicholas devoted his life to the sacred cause of serving God. After accepting the Bible, "selling all your wealth and distributing wealth to the poor people who are badly in need of help," San Nicholas used all the property he inherited from his parents to help sick and needy local poor.

Related Legends

A story in recorded history, a poor farmer has 3 daughters, he himself sold slaves and slaves could buy 3 daughters married dowry. The farmer was in a miserable despair when the 3 daughters were getting married. But one morning he woke up and found a packet of gold beside the shoe, which was lost in a window or a chimney. The story goes on to later, when children fall asleep before Christmas, hanging socks in front of the window to expect Santa to send a mysterious gift.