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Introduction of other Christian holy objects

Mar 24, 2018

Veil of St. Veronica, with Jesus face handkerchief.

Jesus pulled into execution on the way, a woman named Veronica with her veil for his sweat, the legend is Jesus's face was printed on this magical cloth, become the legendary Jesus true. This cloth is said to still exist, but the collection of a cathedral on the upper floor is sealed, can not be taken out, is the treasure of the town hall.

Mandylion, in orthodox classics, is a piece of cloth with square face of Christ, the Church of the East which is a positive image of Christ on the face mandrin icon of Christ as a blueprint, and they believe that this is the face of christ.

When Jesus was alive, a leprosy king once invited him to meet. He didn't go, but let a disciple take a letter with Jesus's portrait. The legend of the portrait had really spread, is regarded as an important relic, after the revolution in France after the lost, but there are some that follow it and painting of imitation, is also regarded as the true Jesus.

The following are a picture of the murals and an ancient imitation of the matter.

St. thorn crown

Due to the "Vyakarana" said Jesus when the king was executed, in order to ridicule him, the soldiers with a crown of thorns and let him take, the thorns in his head, and said: "congratulations to you as the king of the jews". This is part of the container remains dedicated to the legend of the crown (equivalent to the Lingta role).

"The New Testament". Matthew said, the crucifixion of Jesus when the head was wearing covered with spiky thorns into the circular crown, mercilessly tortured pain. Thus, people use the "thorn crown" metaphor to bear the immense pain and torture that are difficult to bear.

Holy Gown is the "Bible" records of the virgin Maria told the angel Gabriel in conception when draped robes. It is present in the Cathedral of Chartres in France (Cathedral). In 1194, a fire burned the old Chatel church and Chatel City, and the church under the ruins of the holy altar robe miraculously and avoid the fire safe and sound, but contains three statue gate church West facade. People think of this as a sign of God.

What is Jesus wearing a cloth of the torture of the deep red clothes.

Holy Skeleton, sacred bone "kings sacred relics", three Oriental king called the "three kings" is the "Bible" records the birth of Christ child go to worship and make light of travelling a thousand li to send gifts, is said to be three sages or wizard (you may recall O Henry's novel "the gift of the Magi, Maggie this is the three king. In 1164, the sacred emperor of Rome, Friedrich Barbarossa (Friedrich Barbarossa), took it from Milan and gave it to a cathedral in Cologne. After that, the church became an important place of pilgrimage. The old church seemed to be useless. So it was demolished in 1248, and the famous Cologne Cathedral was built on the site. The Cologne Cathedral within the Ostensorium western world's largest and most luxurious store with "Three Kings sacred relics".

Christ Scarab

Christ (Holy Scarab), the Scarab is a blood stained God beetle.

The legend of the crucifixion of Jesus, was crucified, a bug in the struggle in hand, the Scarab stained the blood of Christ, or blessed by God, it has a strong power.