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Inside the religious architecture Cologne Cathedral

Jul 24, 2015

Central church door in the wall connecting the two with twin minarets puzzle together, 16l meters high, is the highest minaret in Europe by the surrounding seat of countless pinnacles and double minaret echoes. There are 10 chapels, large central chapel dome 43 meters high, The Department of span of 15.5 meters, is the highest surviving church hall. 2.4 tons heavy bell of St. Peter, known as "the essence of the art of medieval architecture in Europe" on the church bell tower. Above the chapel walls have a total of over 10,000 square meters of windows, all fitted with depicting the "Bible" People of various colors of glass, the color is very beautiful. Inside the church there is a carved wooden 11th-century German Otto dynasty of "Christ on the Cross", a forerunner of Gothic art, on the later sculpture has had a major impact.