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How many kinds of cross do you know

Dec 09, 2017

How many kinds of cross do you know?

Berry refers 385 different kinds of cross. The vast majority of them are pure decoration and the meaning of the grain.Let's get to know a few of them.


Latin cross Latin cross is one of the most common types of Christian Cross. It consists of two beams of length and length. The end that is longer than the root root sideways. It the one symbol of the kingdom of God, a symbol of the sideways world, symbolizing the unity of two intersecting heaven and earth.


The T cross T cross, also known as the Anthony cross, the Tau cross or the Egyptian Cross, is also called the robber cross. Because the robber hanging with Jesus is hanged on this cross. The name comes from the Greek Tau cross the nineteenth letter tau (sound "Tao"), is also the last Hebrew letter Taw.


The Archbishop's Cross (Patriarchal cross), also known as Byzantine cross, is a variant of the Holy Cross of the Christian religious symbol. It is basically similar to the Latin cross, but there is a small horizontal bar above. In the Byzantine Greek and Eastern European cross symbols, there will be a small horizontal bar under the Archbishop cross, which is also one of the symbols commonly used in orthodox church.

d009b3de9c82d158865e318b810a19d8bc3e422f.jpgJerusalem Jerusalem Cross (cross, Unicode U+2629), sometimes referred to as "Crusader cross". It is composed of a large Greek cross surrounded by four little Greek crosses, which is composed of a cross or Christian symbol, which symbolizes the evangelical spread from Jerusalem to the four poles of the earth. This cross in a simpler form (Grand Cross four end does not extend) is often called the "Crusader cross", this is because during the First Crusade, the Pope Pope Urban II will side with the symbol of the Pope's gave the crusaders. And later, the cross also became a symbol of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem.

3b292df5e0fe99258593036a35a85edf8db17168.jpgThe cross appeared in the Eastern Orthodox cross and Byzantine Empire. The first cross represents the head of Jesus, and the bottom slash represents Jesus's foot, which is used by Orthodox Church.

8435e5dde71190ef5e47c6e5cf1b9d16fdfa604f.jpgThe iron cross of the iron cross itself is derived from a cross of the Teutonic Knights hand ornaments, since about 1870 became marked the armed forces of germany. The iron cross was still a powerful military symbol in German culture and was used again by the West German military in 1955.

4bed2e738bd4b31c3692c18186d6277f9e2ff85a.jpgAnkh Cross life symbol (symbol: U+2625), also known as Bianca, is Egyptian hieroglyphs (also called hieroglyphs) letters, words on behalf of N, for life. Part of the ancient Egyptian gods with the sign of the life circle, or hands each hold the sign of the life, his hands placed on the chest. Latin is called the meaning of crux ansata, the "cross of the handle".

5fdf8db1cb134954364fbd5e574e9258d1094ab2.jpgThe cross Malta cross of Malta is a symbol used by the Knights of the hospital and the Malta knights. The shape is made up of four "V" characters, and the cross is designed based on the First Crusade.