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Four of the seven sacred objects of Christianity the Holy Prepuce

Mar 16, 2018

Holy Prepuce is one of the remnants of Jesus's remnants of the world. Historically, several European churches claimed to have Jesus's circumcision and allegedly magical power. According to the Christian doctrine of the Eastern Church, Jesus's flesh was raised on the forty day after the resurrection. Jesus remained in the few relics of the world, including the circumcision that he had cut in the circumcision of his children. There was also a theological debate before. When Jesus ascended the sky, if he did not include foreskin, Jesus was intact. Later, when it came to the debate whether Jesus should go up with the falling hair and nails, It is also pointed out that Jesus's ascension is a miracle, so it should be free from these restrictions. Many churches in Europe now claim that they have part or all of the holy foreskin. Italy calka a church until 1983, the annual parade will be held with the Holy prepuce. Until their holy is a thief even contained treasures stolen, still missing. Another church in France claimed that their holy foreskin was left by Henry V, the king of England in the middle ages. At that time Henry V's wife is pregnant, the legendary foreskin smell a fetus, Henry V, specifically to the use of borrowed elsewhere, because after the results are obvious and didn't return it. In seventeenth Century, the astronomical telescope was improved, and astronomers first saw the rings on Saturn. At that time there was a Catholic theologian Leo alladus that the rings on Saturn were changed by the holy foreskin that followed Jesus.