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Cross jewelry accessories rhinestone

Mar 06, 2018

Rhinestone, also known as crystal diamond, rhinestone. The  main ingredient is crystal glass, which is an accessory made of  artificial crystal glass cut into diamond facets. This kind of material  is more economical and has the diamond-like eye-catching visual effect. So popular with people, diamonds are generally used in mid-range jewelry design.

According  to the shape of the bottom of the rhinestones can be divided into  sharp-edged drill and flat-bottomed two categories, according to the  table shape can be divided into categories: ordinary drilling,  special-shaped drilling. Profiled diamond shape  can be divided into rhombus (amazonite), trapezoidal, satellite stone,  drop-shaped drill, oval drill, octagonal drill and so on. General diamond has eight sections, diamond back is coated with a layer of mercury skin. Through  the condenser section, so that it has good brightness, more section,  the better the brightness, Swarovski is the first person to find the  crystal glass section.