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Comparison of Western religious culture

Jul 24, 2015

Confucian classic literature lot filled with secular teachings, such as "known, let alone death," "self-Ons rule the world", "gentleman ideal," etc., we are emphasizing the individual actions in earthly life, without metaphysical origin of the universe, life and death issues are discussed. Secularism is also a well-known tendency of Confucian sociologist Max Weber has long been discussed in one of its classic "Confucianism and Taoism."

Taoism presents from my realm of sublimation, personal characteristics such as world-weary doctrine in the early development process, it is clear that compared to the teachings of Confucianism closer to the standard very secularism. But in a post-Confucian achieve supremacy in Chinese culture, religion, and religious obedience in China under the secular system of government, Taoism also the spirit of secularism had to be corrected on its own. So in the subsequent history of the development of Taoism, Taoist fortune-telling with a more evolved nature Divination features.