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Christian worship

Apr 24, 2018

A brief introduction to Christian worship


(1) according to

According to the sabbath of the Bible. God created heaven and earth on 6 days and found the origin of rest on the seventh day. God bless the seventh day, and keep the Sabbath as a holy day.

All things have been made in heaven and earth. On the seventh day, the work of God's creation was completed, and on the seventh day, all his work was rested. God blessed the seventh day and became holy day, because on this day God rested all his work of creation, (2 1 3).

When the day of the Sabbath is commemorative, it is a holy day. On the sixth, work hard for all your work, but on the seventh day is the Sabbath to the LORD your God. On this day, you and your children, your servants, and your maidservants, and your cattle, and the guests in your city, no matter what work you can do, for the LORD made the heavens, the land, the sea and all the things in it in six days to rest on the seventh day, so the LORD blessed the sabbath day and set it for the holy day. (Chapter 20 8 - 11).

The seventh day, the sabbath day is today's week system on Saturday, the equivalent of the Old Testament and the New Testament, and for centuries, the people who believe in God have kept it. In the 135 sentence of the new Old Testament, remember the record of the Sabbath.


On Thursdays, there are 2 orders in the world. The first is God's Church World Evangelical Missionary Association, and the other is the seventh day of Sabbath Jesus's return to the Church (Sabbath). But the so-called "sunset" at rest suggests that the Sabbath should be held from Fridays to Saturdays. This is also the church on Sabbath. Sunset is an interpretation of the biblical errors. Therefore, the only church in the world that has only one God is the church that keeps the Sabbath according to the Bible.

One of the most important duties of God's faith is to worship. But look carefully at the different days of the church. This is a great order which is divided into Sunday church and Saturdays. If you really believe in God's saints, which day is God's worship day?

(1) according to

On Sunday worshippers, the majority of the believers know what they know because "the resurrection and the advent of the Holy Spirit are on this day Sunday, so on Sunday to worship." From the conclusion, the content of their proposition is not in the Bible. There is no such sentence as "resurrection and Holy Spirit come this Sunday, so worship on Sundays". That's the idea of a man.

On the day of Jesus's resurrection, Easter is right on Sundays. Jesus descended the spring rain and the Pentecost of the Holy Spirit was also Sundays. Therefore, the worshippers on Sundays rationalize their claims and take all the days as evidence. Stay on Sundays. However, the week of worship is a week of worship. This is like the long live movement of the restoration and the Trinity Festival. It is no different to keep the commemorative days together.

Another suggestion is that "the early church is the Sunday service and annual report". 2 section of the sixteenth chapter of the forest. On the first day of the seventh day, the individual has to withdraw his or her own money, so as not to let me get together when I come. (Sixteenth chapter of the forest)

The first day of every week is Sunday. People who observe Sundays worship this quote: "the early church apostles worship on Sundays" advocates the ignorance of contextual understanding. If this sentence, Sundays, worship and connection should change the Bible, "donate money". This situation can be understood even if we look at the following 3 sections.

And only when I arrived, who did you write to recommend, I sent them to take your donation to Jerusalem. (16 chapters in front of the forest)

This donation is not a weekly donation, rather than a special donation to the church in Jerusalem. Moreover, "Sundays gain benefits" means that on the first day, they work for the benefit of Sundays.

There is no Biblical basis for Sundays. The evidence of church worship on Sundays is nowhere to be seen. On Sundays worship, according to the history of the church, find information.

[church history (Han Wen) 101 page "phase II apostolic era (100 313)", issued by Li Jianshe, Song Leyuan.

"The period of worship is Zhou Libai, and Sabbath day continues to this period, but later is gradually replaced by the first day of the week."

What is a worship? Worship can also be called worship. This word refers to the meaning of "respect, awe, admiration". It is the worship of God from the heart, and it is manifested by the deportment of worship and worship. In the Old Testament, the Old Testament was recorded in the Old Testament. The Old Testament was mainly expressed in the sacrifice; but Christ Jesus offered an eternal atonement to mankind on the cross. Therefore, in the New Testament, the worship of cattle, sheep and pigeons was abolished in the New Testament, and people no longer sacrificed but worshipped, and turned from rites. To worship spiritually, worship God in the spirit of honesty.

Before church worship, believers should exclude the interference of all the chores, keep a pious, modesty, and calm heart, and should be neat and solemn, not a sweaty vest, short skirt, short pants, and slippers into the church. People who wear hats and scarves must be removed before entering the church; children with believers should set up their children so as not to make them cry, make noise and walk around. The liturgy is usually led by the hosts. If the priests and elders are not present, the preachers and deacons can also be masters, but they can not bless. Worship makes people happy, awe, quiet, moved and friendly.

The procedure of worship

The religious activities of Christianity are relatively frequent, but religious rituals are very complicated for the Christians, but they are also more solemn. And rich and colorful religious rituals are also very attractive to believers. The activities, contents and themes of church parties are not fixed, but Sabbath is essential and the ceremony is the same. The procedure for the service of the sabbath day is as follows:

1. Prelude: the purpose is to silence the assembly hall and prepare for the opening of worship.

2. entry: please join choir, propriety, priest and others.

3. is called.

4. sing a poem.

5. prayer is usually a blessing and a tribute to the Lord.

6. the letter.

7. opens the Scriptures.

8. this hall is dedicated to the poetry class.

9. reading: reading the Bible.

10. way: preaching the teachings, telling the Bible and the New Testament, the Old Testament. This is the main content. The longest duration is usually 40 minutes.

11. dedication: means to donate money in the hall.

12. training class dedicated to singing.

13. prayer: pray for those who decide to go to the Lord and those who are sick.

14. hall report.

15. sing Poetry: people stand up and sing.

16. Lord's Prayer: the followers recite together.

17. blessing: the public receives the blessing of God together.

18. Ammor: all the people stand and sing.

19. Retreat: ask choir, propriety, priest and others to exit. The whole process takes at least 2 hours, and the number of participants is 1000 or less. After the meeting, there will be believers who pray or confess separately to the Lord, and the lectures which are prepared for the Protestants alone. Generally speaking, they will last for about half an hour.

Taiwan Christmas service

The prelude......... Pianist

Summon...... ...... Courtesy

Hymn...... participants in a meeting

The Bible...... Division

Pray...... ...... ...

Praise...... ... ....... Anthem

The evidence... ... ... ... ... Minister

Pray......... ......... ... Minister

To give... .. ... ... participants in a meeting

The dedication of the poem...... ..... ... ...... participants in a meeting

Report......... .. ... ...... Courtesy

To celebrate......... ..... ... Congregation

Pray......... ...... ... Vicar Zheng Xianren, chairman of the board

Amen......... ..... ... Congregation