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Christian customs and taboos

Apr 17, 2018

Worship: the main religious activity of Christianity. It usually serves on the seventh day of the week, the main day, that is, Sunday's chapel. There are prayers, singing poems, reading classics, sermons and other projects. Usually presided over by a clergyman. In a Christian or Catholic country, no matter the supreme head of state or the ordinary person, as long as the believers have no exception to the church, they go to church without exception. In some Western European countries, every Sunday morning, at eight or nine, or even the general TV program is stopped, the church is played in support of the church, so that it is too late for the church to go to church.

Due to the relationship between religions, religious habits and taboo have been formed for a long time. Those who believe in Christianity generally believe that "13" is unlucky mathematics, so try to avoid "13" when holding activities. Friday is the day when Jesus died. Christian people never eat meat and eat little Zhai every day. Celebrations should also be held away from Friday. It was said that when Jesus was killed, he was nailed on the cross. Therefore, Christianity sees the cross as a holy thing. In addition to being used in church, necklace is often hung on the chest, or standing at the tomb of the dead, in order to show the presence of Jesus's soul. In a Christian country, life and death, marriage and marriage do not imprint religion. Marriage must be held in the church, with a priest hosting the ceremony. Babies should be carried out in accordance with the rules of baptism, the name, people and guardians of the godparent. After teaching the apprentice to die, the priest should be asked to take care of the later things.