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Christian churches and churches

May 22, 2018

The Christian basic organization is called the church. Christianity believes that the church is the whole of the whole world and the dead Christians.

The word "church" originated from the Greek epsilon kappa [kappa] ETA, meaning "party", which mainly refers to the legislative gathering of citizens of the city-state in the ancient Hellenistic countries. The seventy Greek text of the Old Testament is used to refer to the Israeli national collective worshipping yahvir. In the New Testament, the church refers to the group that believes in Jesus Christ. Later, "church" has a wide meaning. It can refer to the entire organization of the Christian groups, such as the Christian Church, the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, etc., or the organization of a certain country, a region, or a church of all Christians, such as the British church, the church of Jerusalem, the Church of a certain church and so on.

The church is also known as the "chapel". It is a Christian religious building. It originated from the Greek Kryiakon, meaning "the residence of the Lord". After Christianity became the imperial religion of Rome in fourth Century, the church was built. The earliest churches were built by the palace or modeled on palaces. In Eleventh Century, there were Rome churches, Gothic churches in twelfth Century, and Renaissance churches in fifteenth Century. The Eastern Orthodox Church and other Eastern churches and Byzantine churches. The earliest church in China was the Daqin temple built in Changan during the Tang Dynasty. In the Yuan Dynasty, the Church of the Catholic Franciscan Church in most places (today's Beijing) and other places was called "the cross Temple". In the eleven years of Ming Wanli (1583) the Catholic Jesus missionary Matteo Ricci built the church in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, first named "Xian Hua Temple", and then changed the word "Temple" to "Temple", commonly known as "church" or "Catholic Church". After the introduction of Protestantism into China, churches were often called "chapel", meaning the hall of God.