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Christian art related to us

May 08, 2018

Almost every stage of Christian art, every artist's creation is obviously affected and influenced by the life and death and resurrection of Jesus. Christian love is not only the natural beauty of Greek art, but also the sacred beauty transcending nature.

Early Christian art, especially in the 3 century AD, was confined to the underground graves and the limited worship places of Christians because of the historical situation of Christians. With the emergence of Gothic churches in twelfth Century, the true expression of spiritual art was born. So far, Gothic churches have become a paradigm of Christian Church art. Gothic architecture has even become the "language" of Christian architecture. [63] "its unfathomable height expresses the desire of humanity to yearn for a loved and sought after God." He made people aware of the invisible and infinite, so that God became everywhere. He really did the spirit of stone and art. It is a Bible written in stone and glass. [62] when the Renaissance Sanjie: Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rafael den entered the stage of history, the Christian art reached its most brilliant period.

The truth and religious significance of Christian art is not only in the art itself, but also a part of human life. Art is regarded as an internal force to renew human life. Therefore, in the early days of Christianity, in the middle ages, in the Renaissance, or in the era of religious reform, the Christian art displayed the picture of human life. In the light and background of the biblical history, it conveys a cosmological understanding that God is everywhere, whether he is through the Holy Spirit or his. Son Jesus Christ. It is the quality of Christian art that makes it a great and enduring contributor to the world of art.