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Christian and charitable institutions and modern welfare system

May 28, 2018

The church has promoted the establishment of social welfare system and labor security system.

The church established the world's first public money bank (the middle of first Century).

The church attached importance to orphans' care and love, advocated adopting orphans, caring for orphans, and founded the first orphanage in the world (3, fourth Century).

The church offered help and care for the disabled, and founded the world's first disabled institution (AD 321).

The church put forward the first proposal of the national welfare system in the world and the first to set up an aid group (the 2-3 century AD).

The church appealed to the whole of mankind for its love for the elderly, and founded the first nursing home in the world (fifth Century).

The church first raised objection to the employment of child labor and prompted the formulation of child labor law.

The church first proposed that the rights and interests of laborers should be respected, and that the rights and interests of laborers must be guaranteed.