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Christian advocacy of love and freedom

May 15, 2018

Opposition to sexual confusion and homosexuality:

Christianity believes that sexual behavior outside the husband and wife is a crime, only sexual behavior between husband and wife is the joy of God, against all homosexuality and the act of beasts. Although many countries with Christian cultural backgrounds support the legalization of homosexuality, Christianity's attitude towards homosexuality is resolute and clear.

Promotion of women's status: Christianity believes that both men and women are alike in Jesus Christ. Christ granted women freedom and dignity, just like Jesus's kindness to Samaritan women and Martha. In the Christian world, Jesus bestowed equal honour and status on women and men.

Abolition of polygamy: Christianity believes monogamy is the only form of marriage. With the wide spread and flourishing of Christianity, monogamy has become the main mode of marriage in many parts of the world.

Abolition of slavery: the Christian faith prompted many believers to take part in the campaign to abolish slavery and have a very important influence. To a certain extent, abolition of slavery can be regarded as a great achievement of Christianity.

Equality, freedom and justice: Christianity believes that from the spiritual perspective, everyone has the right to equality, freedom and fair treatment before God.

Philanthropy: the Christian Church has always been the main promoter of human charity, and many scholars believe that modern philanthropy is derived from the social services of the Christian Church. Christian belief encourages people to do good deeds and encourages people to actively participate in voluntary organizations in charity.