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China Religious Culture Features

Jul 24, 2015

Turkey passed since the Eastern Han Buddhism in China with a clear religious and cultural characteristics of secularism, but also hard to let it get the characteristics of ultra-secularist Turkey cultural identity. Therefore, China's cultural system, Buddhist culture Confucian culture has been resisted, and they made some achievements are mostly based on the absorption of Confucian culture on top. Not difficult to see the impact over secularism characteristic of Buddhism in China's religious culture is limited.

Ming Dynasty in China, once Western Christianity spread, but because there is a huge difference between Christianity and Confucianism in China, it is difficult to be recognized. In the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Hong though widely expanding the influence of Christianity in China, but its achievements are still with the Confucian Culture on the transformation of Christianity on the basis achieved. In Hong doctrine designed, its ultra-secular and the Western Christianity is still a wide gap in comparison. Contemporary China, the mainstream view of religion is atheism propaganda, so the concept of secularism and other religions are also out of the question.