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Acts of the Apostles

Jan 25, 2018

This book of things, such as the Jewish persecution of the Church of Jerusalem, the government of Rome for the Church of the famine, tolerance, mainly occurred before 60s, to Paul is still free to preach the Gospel Book at the end (see Chapter 28: section 31); in addition, the book does not mention the mid 60s emperor Nero persecuted Christians Paul martyr thing, there is no mention of 70 years in Jerusalem were destroyed. According to the above signs, some scholars believe that this book is written between 60 and 64 years. On the other hand, this book has the above phenomenon, or it may be because the author intended to write sequels, or for other reasons, so the date of the book cannot be absolutely determined.

This book continues the record of the gospel of Luke to describe the progress of the Gospel Work of Jesus's resurrection and the day after the rise of the gospel. In addition, the book may be disturbed and non believers, it is not because of misconduct, but for the Jews and Gentiles against Christianity (cf. caused by 16:19; 17:5-9; 19:23-41); and in relation to harassment, justice officials in Rome, the access protection, grievances snow (cf. 18:12-17). On the other hand, Luke points out that the "ignorance" of idolatry shows that "only the Gospel can make one know the true God" (14:15-18, 17:22-31).