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About cross crucifix

Sep 28, 2017

The cross/crucifix is the universal symbol of ancient times, representing the sun. Babylon Sun God, and usually consists of sun gear circle.

The cross/crucifix is connected with the worship of the sun. Schliemann notes that the crucifix appeared on crockery and on the threads of the pedals (about Troy's Religion), and as soon as the flickering disk changed, two objects appeared next to one another. In the bronze age, especially among the Gaul people, the crucifix often appeared on pottery, precious stones and coins.

Another symbol of a cross/crucifix word frame of the tree of life, is a symbol representing the male reproductive, bars, bars represent women.

The cross appeared in Mexico, Peru and, most importantly, in Central America, alluding to the four winds, the source of rain. North Dakota Indians (Dakotas) also expressed four winds with the cross.

The meaning of the early cross/crucifix reflected the earth in Chinese ideographic characters, a kind of equal deformation with a box.

The cross of the sun is attached to the four river in heaven. The Bible sees it as a river flowing out of the garden of Eden and divided into four directions. So, in the Genesis story has this concept (Genesis 2:10), and has special geographical attributes for the four river, is a reflection of the living water river theme, from the source of God through his star, when Satan is flow out there.

Catholic and Protestant in Latin in the longitudinal crucifix ten "". The orthodox church uses the Greek cross, "ten"". Early Christians use a T-shaped cross ""; the cross of St. Andre, such as the shape of Rome digital "X", is commonly used in the middle ages of the cross. Jerusalem cross, the 4 corners and the 1 small crosses around the middle of the cross, a symbol of the gospel spread from Jerusalem to the earth's quadrupole; Celtic Cross, a symbol of eternal life circle "O" in the cross intersection, common in the hymn cover. In addition to these familiar crosses, there are many other forms of cross, each of which has symbolic significance. Such as lilies, cross, bud shaped cross, Easter cross, and so on.