Icon Of Saints Peter And Paul Hug Candlestick

Icon: Can mixed,choose you need,custom color:It can be customized to provide
function:Key chain,baptism gifts for people.
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Icon Of Saints Peter And Paul Hug Candlestick

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St Paul, to a certain extent, is much more than Peter in the hearts of theologians and many Protestants. It can be said that without Paul's tireless efforts to preach to other people, Christianity may eventually be a small sect in the vicinity of the Mediterranean. If we look at the Bible alone, Paul's sense of being is much stronger than Peter's. after all, most of the biblical New Testament comes from its own hands. Moreover, as a non Christian, Paul is a saint from the perspective of Biblical historical data. Although Peter also devoted his heart to missionary work, the number of things that did not recognize Jesus showed that his belief was fluctuating. In the two chapter of Galatia, there were Paul's criticisms of Peter's Catholics to boycott the missionaries of other provinces. Peter is an honest and conservative elder brother, but Paul is a bright and brilliant young teacher.


Peter and Paul


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