Holy Family Wooden Frame Religions Gifts

material:Wood frame and the picture is anti-water
Icon: Can mixed,choose you need,custom color:It can be customized to provide
function:Display for table, for home and office decoration, obaptism gifts perfect gifts for faith.
Delivery Time:about 30 thirty days after Confirmation payment
Country of Origin:Zhejiang,China
Buy Sample Link:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1899533
Production Time:20-25 days after receipt of the deposit.

Product Details

Holy Family wooden frame religions gifts

Product Description:

The Sancta Family (Latin: Sancta Familia) is a combination of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph, also known as the "Nazarene Family" (Catholic name for the "Nazarene Family"), often used to represent the theme of Christmas stories, and thus became an essential part of the decoration of Christmas celebrations, including the birth of Christ, the worship of pastors, and the arrival of doctors. Worship (three kings coming to Korea) and exile in Egypt (to Egypt). At the same time, it is also common in all kinds of church building interior decoration and painting, sculpture and other display works of art, there is no lack of masterpieces.

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