Greek Candlestick Spread The Gospel Candle Stand

Function:Church supplies,home decoration,baptism gifts
Size:8*5.5(CM) custom
Material:metal and glass
Color:It can be customized to provide
Package:White box
Delivery Time:about 30 days after Confirmation payment
Country of Origin:Zhejiang,China
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Product Description:

The first candelabra by the Israeli name craftsmen Bezalel made with gold. The 1 of the 7 lamps in the middle is slightly higher than the 6 on both sides. It represents the sabbath, and the other 6 represent the 6 days of God's creation. Jerusalem temple in the sacristy as Candlestick.



About  Pujiang Fengming Religious Icons Arts Co.,Ltd  ------the leader of religious icons arts.

FengMing religious icon art company  was established in 2005 and established a registered company in 2015. The main manufacture and sale of various metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and other icon crafts. Is one of the most Chinese styles, the earliest development of handicrafts as icons. The company is now 50 peoples, continue to focus on the field of icon crafts, adhere to sound management, continuous innovation. Company address: No. 216-5 Dongshan Road,  Pujiang County,  Zhejiang, Jinhua.

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