God Shows His Divine Existence Theophany

TYPE:Handcraft Byzantine Art Virgin Mary Jerusalem Eastern Orthodox
Dimension:18.5*12.5CM custom
Specification:Have many sizes for choose,Plated Real Silver And Gold,The Surface No fade
Mini order:Each Size 500Pcs
Buy Sample Link:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1899533
Production Time:20-25 days after receipt of the deposit.

Product Details

God shows his divine existence theophany

Product Description:

In this method, Delphi theophano is a Antonia annual Spring Festival to celebrate the return of Apollo from his winter quarters in the north. The climax of the festival is the display of the image of the God, which is usually hidden in the refuge of the believer. Later, the mystical religions in Rome often have similar simple display picture excited admirers.

The appearance of Zeus to Semele is not only a mortal can endure her power of flame burn him. However, the presence of most Greek gods is not fatal. The unusual story of the Greek mythology, Plo Michel J, is not a Olympia but a giant who brings fire knowledge to mankind. There was no description of the big man, but Plo Michel J was severely punished by Zeus. The appearance of gods or heroes is sometimes experienced in historical periods, whether in dreams or waking vision, and often leads to the foundation of cults, or at least a worship and memorial offering.


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