Christian Angel Ceramic Arts And Crafts

material:Ceramic Wood
Icon: Can mixed,choose you need,custom color:It can be customized to provide
function:Key chain,baptism gifts for people.
Delivery Time:about 30 thirty days after Confirmation payment
Country of Origin:Zhejiang,China
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Production Time:20-25 days after receipt of the deposit.

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Christian Angel Ceramic Arts And Crafts

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The word "angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos", which means the envoy. In Christianity, Muslims, Judaism and other theology, angels often play the role of the envoy, the follower, the agent of the God.Similar concepts are found in most religious beliefs. Christians are generally translated as angels; Muslims are sometimes translated as gods. The communicator of holy, good, integrity, the will of God, the spirit of the service of God, the protector of the God who was sent to protect the believers from the evil of the devil.